Monday, May 23, 2011

Garden Update - Last Week of May

The garden blew up to a rain forest!

 Doing the weekend maintenance on the veggie garden out back, so humor me with a few pictures of what's coming in...

Beautiful peas!
They get eaten up almost as soon as they're grown

Squash blossoms

Can you see the start of some of the squash...

We picked most of the beets recently,
but left a few in the ground to see if they'd bulk up some.
Looking large, very large

Poppies... Finally some flowers coming in
With any luck, a soon to be blooming zinnia

Mmm... growing roma tomatoes!

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  1. Please excuse my ENVY and JEALOUSY about how far along your garden is! I just planted my squash seeds last weekend, and that was probably two weeks earlier than I should have!