Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Garden Update

Oh goodness, these photos for the garden update are already a week old.  But better late than never, right?  The warm weather and longer days have let us live more of our life outside lately!  In the Warner Parks, soccer fields, backyard, community garden, patios... just not as much time in front of the computer.  So here is a week-belated update on the condition of our crops...

Peas shooting up like weeds!
They trellised themselves! They're so smart!

Large leafy sorrel in front of sweetpeas

roma tomatoes in the back corner, straight onion shoots,
UFO squash (with blooms) towards the right
and beets - almost harvest ready - on the left

CARROTS!!!  They're so beautiful, but we never thinned them.
Could be bad news

Squash on the top right, and all our pepper plants.
The two squares just below the squash have the seeds from our coworker

Tomatoes on the left, squash top right, peppers and onions in the middle

Drum roll please....
 And now ladies and gentlemen... 
for the good stuff!
The above are the first tiny green tomatoes from the Roma plant we purchased from Home Depot in March and then babied through the subsequent cold snaps.  Maybe they'll blush up before too long!

 Unlike our root crops, where we harvested the whole batch ceremoniously, the first of our peas arrived on it's lonesome.  When we were inspecting the rest of the plot we spotted it and promptly sampled it!
Rawr!  Peas!
 And continued weeding and trellising the crops...
Trellising the tomatoes


  1. Yay! Congratulations. My god, I'm so jealous of your weather; but not the tornado warnings.

  2. Maybe you should send me a bask-o-veggies. I'm totally jealous of your gardening skills. Make some pickles or something so I can taste them when I get out to visit again.

  3. Awesome! You are gonna eat really well!